Should You Feed Your Dog Table Scraps

dog feed
The winter season is around the corner and winter comes with hosts of holiday treats and family get-together dinners. As much you would like to include your pet dog to be included in the festive times but feeding him the table scraps from your delicious dinner and treats is absolutely the wrong way.

Although you want to feed your pet dog and want to be included in your dinner time, but in fact the table scraps are way too heavy and rich in fat contents. That is certainly bad for a dog’s digestive system and could further result in harsh stomach ailments. So in order to keep your lovable pet dog safe and sound this festive season, thoroughly follow and by-heart the below guidelines.

Why you should avoid feeding the Table Leftovers:

The Human food table especially during festive season is completely filled with food usually high in oils and fat contents. Human digestive system is habitual of taking such oily and fatty food items and delicacies. But your pet dog being an animal doesn’t possess a complex digestive system like human beings.

Thereby feeding your pet dog with table scraps which is ultra rich in fats and oils will lead to stern dog health issues such as pancreatitis, diarrhea and vomiting.

In addition to that there exists various food items generally present on your dinner table that are actually toxic to the animals. For instance something as basic as onions could also be harmful for dogs and their feeding should be avoided. Over the period of time some pet dogs get habitual of eating table scraps and certainly become dependent on it as their main dietary food.

The dependency on table scraps usually results in rejection of regular dog food. This addiction towards table scraps in the long run results in developments of unusual behavior such as rejection towards usual dog food and developing begging traits for junk food items.

There are several other ways of treating your lovable pet creature, for instance feeding them with food items that are specially formulated for them. This will lead to development of healthy eating habits while rewarding your pet for good behavior.

Moreover you can adopt certain measures and follow basic principles while feeding the table scraps keeping in mind definitive rules:

  • Avoid Junk Food: If you’re helpless in restraining yourself from feeding your pet with table leftovers just keep in mind that you essentially feed your pet with selected items. Henceforth there should be complete declination of junk food to your pet dog. Just keep in mind while feeding your dog with table scraps that you selectively chose more neutral food items that can go easy on dog’s digestive system. Serving your dog with varied healthy table scrap choices such as boiled or baked potatoes, steamed rice, cooked chicken or fish, oats, steamed vegetables and various fresh fruits, etc. are all much healthy alternative to junk meals.
  • Balancing is the key aspect: There is essential requirement for keeping in check the dog’s daily calorie requirement and in-take. A balance between the requirement and in-take is essential for achieving healthy food habits. While feeding your dog with selective table scraps, don’t forget to cut down on the basic dog food so as cut additional calorie intake and preventing additional weight gain. Just keep a check on the eating habits and try to maintain equilibrium between regular dog food and healthy table scraps.
  • Be Cautious about Toxic foodstuff: Keep a check on various toxic foodstuffs that are harmful for animals and completely avoid giving them to your pet. Some of the generally characterized toxic foodstuffs for animals are chocolates, raisins, onions, walnuts, etc.