Is It Safe To Spay or Neuter Your Dog?

dog neuter
Owning a pet is a wonderful thing within itself. But the pet is to be taken well care off. One has to put real efforts to take good care of his/her pet. One has to take real strong decisions regarding the health issues of the pet. And here arises the major situation like which steps to follow and which things are to be skipped. Here generates the most important and moreover a typical condition regarding the health of the pet i.e. to spay or neuter your pet.

It solely depends on the owner of a pet, a cat or a dog whether to spay or neuter his pet. There are different perceptions regarding this and it changes from person to person. Since your pet is speechless it is really important that you understand and know all the issues that he can face beforehand. Having a good knowledge about his diseases and other behaviors can really help keeping him happy in many ways.

What is spaying and neutering?

It is the removing the ovaries and uterus of a female cat or dog. It is purely a veterinary procedure and requires a minimum amount of hospitalization of the pet.. Neutering is the removal of testicles of male dog or cat. Both spaying and neutering has their advantage and disadvantage.


  1. Spaying gives a healthier life to a female pet as spaying helps to prevent breast cancer, uterine infections which are very harmful. As one more than 50% of dogs and almost 85% of cats are prone to this.
  2. There is a myth that spaying makes the pet fat but it is not true at all. Lack of exercise and absence of proper diet lets your pet gain extra pounds. Spaying won’t make your pet fat.
  3. Spaying of the homeless dogs and cats also allows preventing abnormal growth of dogs and cats.
  4. Male marking in dogs.
  5. Aggression in dogs is reduced. This is only helpful is the case of aggression is because of sex-to-sex competition.
  6. Cancer risk is reduced specifically testicular cancer in males.
  7. It’s cost effective.
  8. Pets become much well behaved. Neutered cats and dogs focus their attention on humans and human families.
  9. Dog won’t go roaming far away from your home in search of a mate.


  • Spaying increases the risk of a deadly cancer called hemangiosarcoma, which typically attacks the heart or spleen. Apparently the reproductive hormones offer some protection against this particular cancer, because spayed females are twice as likely to develop hemangiosarcoma of the spleen and 5 times as likely to develop hemangiosarcoma of the heart, compared to unspayed females.
  • Even early spaying causes bones to grow abnormally and unevenly.
  • Spaying causes urinary inconsistency as the female urinates a number of times, well even in homes.
  • If done in wrong age, spaying increases the risk of hip dysplasia, ligament rupture.
  • Neutering puts a disadvantage to the hunting dogs, as they run very hard; they put hard efforts in whatever they want and so neutering puts them in a negative area.

All the medical evidence suggests a dog should be spayed before her first heat. So after discussing about the advantages and disadvantages, it’s the owner who has the call whether to go for spaying or neutering or to be without these changes. After comparing the above difference, advantages take over the disadvantages of spaying and neutering. Your dog is fully dependent on you for care and concern hence it becomes our first duty to know about her concerns very well.